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We have over 4 decades of experience in designing end-to-end electronic security solutions for banks, warehouses, retail chains, factories and residences. Our experienced team of highly qualified security consultants, engineers and installers study the security arrangements at the site to identify the gaps and then design custom made security solutions as per our client’s specific requirements, which not only increases the security of the premises but also help in reduction of the security expenditure.

Securico Electronic Security Solution

Verticals We Serve


When you lock up your shop or showroom at the end of the day, there's often that underlying fear of a chance of burglary. You have to rely on your lock, whether you put one or two doesn't really make that much of a difference.

Warehouses & Godowns

Warehouses and godowns stock large amounts and high values of stock and are therefore under constant threat of burglary, robbery, pilferage and fire.

Corporates & Offices

It is not practical to be physically present and keep a watch on your business 24/7. Let us know what you want to monitor and we'll help you achieve that without you having to be present at the office. We can help you monitor staff activity, general office environment, improve work quality and overall operational efficiency.


Though it is possible to view live and recorded camera feeds from a mobile phone, tablet or remote PC, these facilities are usually used either in case of an incident or on a random basis every now and then.


Our monitoring officers are alert and on the look out when you & your loved ones are at home, whether awake or asleep and when you're out of your home during the day or away on vacation.

Banks, ATMs & Currency Chests

Bank branches, ATMs and currency chests usually already have intruder alarms, fire alarms and CCTV systems installed.

School & Educational Institutions

Safety and security of students is a growing concern and one of the main responsibilities of all educational institutions. The school/college/institute also needs to protect other assets such as computers, lab equipment and supplies, sports equipment, audio-visual equipment, books, confidential documents and exam papers from burglary and fire.


Whether it's ambulances, cash vans, school buses, public and private taxis, public transport, logistics vehicles, transport and courier trucks, personal cars, security agency vans, service vans, delivery vans or tourism buses, each of these comes with its own security and safety risk.

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