Upgrade your building’s safety with Securico’s range of conventional fire alarm systems!


A fire alarm system is one of the most important element of a building safety and security system. Installing a fire alarm panel and fire detectors at your premises can be a lifesaver, as it’s designed to detect smoke or fire and instantly notify occupants to evacuate swiftly and safely. Detecting a fire early can prevent the spread of flames and reduce the risk of injury or loss of life.

A reliable fire alarm system goes beyond mere fire detection. It incorporates advanced fire detectors, such as smoke and heat detectors, which automatically sense the presence of smoke or heat. The moment these sensors are triggered, they send a signal to the fire control panel. From there, a symphony of protection unfolds.

Audio and visual alerts are activated, using powerful sounders and flashers to grab attention and create urgency. Additionally, dialers are triggered, immediately sending call and SMS alerts to emergency numbers. And for ultimate control, manual call points allow manual activation of fire alarms in case of an emergency. The fire control panel precisely pinpoints the alarm trigger location by clearly indicating the corresponding zone, facilitating swift response.

Fire alarm systems are a critical component of any fire safety plan. Their ability to detect fire early and alert occupants to evacuate swiftly can helps in deterring disaster at the right time. Take action today to safeguard your home and business with Securico’s conventional fire alarm solution.


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