Central Monitoring

Worried about the security of your premises when you are away? Don't worry! Get your site monitored 24 X 7 by our Alert and Vigilant Monitoring Team!

Get your site monitored 24X7 by our Alert & Vigilant Monitoring Team!

Central Monitoring is a security, surveillance and operational monitoring service for homes, retail outlets, banks, educational institutions, warehouses, industrial units, offices, vehicles and any other form of residential or business establishment.

We also host a state-of-the-art command center for the alert based and scheduled monitoring of the sites. We promote our monitoring services under the brand name iMONITOR India and have several service products to monitor alerts generated by intruder alarm systems, fire alarm systems, CCTV surveillance systems and guard monitoring systems.

How It Works

Intelligent devices and sensors installed at the customer’s premises can identify an intrusion, fire, panic alarm, medical alarm, unauthorized access, vehicle route deviation etc. and send an alert to our central monitoring station. Upon receiving an alert, our monitoring officers study the alert information received and monitor live video and audio from the customer’s site. 

If necessary, they call the customer for verification. Then our monitoring officers take appropriate action and inform the customers emergency contacts by phone, SMS and email. We can also call the police, fire brigade and medical emergency services. Meanwhile, crime can be deterred via 2 way audio communication through a mic & speaker at the site We will stay in touch with the customer till the incident is resolved, documented and finally closed. 

Our Command Center

What Makes Our Command Center The Best

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