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Video & Alarm Monitoring Services

Alarm Monitoring

Electronic security systems like intruder alarm systems, fire alarm systems, CCTV surveillance systems and access control systems can raise local alarms and send notifications like call and SMS to emergency contacts in case of any trigger, however such notification scan be missed if you or the emergency contact are busy in your daily routine or if such alerts are raised during the night. Securico's monitoring officers conduct 24 X 7 alert based monitoring for intrusion, panic, fire, medical and surveillance alarms and can take appropriate actions like effective intimation of the emergency to your family & friends, the police, fire brigade or medical emergency services hence ensuring that alerts are not left un attended and proper action is taken on each and every alert. Our monitoring officers are away from the site and are equipped with advance software tools to ensure that quick, effective action is initiated and taken.

Operational Efficiency

Various monitoring services can be utilized to increase the operational efficiency of your business. Such services include sending report of opening and closing time of the business premises, random checks on the conduct of the staff with the customers, keeping a track of the presence of admin staff, scheduled monitoring to verify the cleanliness and general activity of your business premise, special monitoring in case of activity in restricted areas etc. We can also automate the process o f switching on/off of your glow signboard and help you in the optimization of the energy consumption of your business premises by keeping a check various parameters such as temperature levels inside your offices.

Guard Monitoring

Guards are entrusted with the security of our lives and assets; however they have not proven to be very efficient and are themselves exposed to the danger of being attacked. Our monitoring officers can increase the efficacy of guards by monitoring their attendance, regular presence checks, ensuring that proper patrolling is being done and by arranging help and backup for them in case of any emergency.


With the help if intelligent automation systems, our monitoring station can automatically or manually can turn on/off electrical devices like glow sign boards, entry lights, fans, ACs and lights of your home or office at pre defined time and thus help you in optimizing your energy consumption and reducing the wastage of electricity.

Vehicle Monitoring

Tracking of different type of vehicles such as private vehicles, transport vehicles, ambulances, cash vans, school buses, public and private taxis, public transport, logistics vehicles, transport and courier trucks, security agency vans, service vans, delivery vans, tourism buses etc. can be undertaken by utilizing Securico's Central Monitoring Services. If any deviation is observed from the predefined route or if any emergency is reported on board the vehicle, our Security Officers can follow pre decided set of procedures like informing concerned authorities, dispatching response teams or other law enforcing agencies. Apart from route deviations our monitoring officers can also respond to panic alerts received from the panic buttons placed inside the vehicles and can even see and talk to the occupants with the help of our onboard vehicle CCTV surveillance system and two way audio communication.

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