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Retail chains are exposed to the risk of theft of inventory, pilferage and fire. Traditional security solutions like locks, grills, CCTV cameras , fire alarm systems have various gaps and can be easily bypassed by the thieves thus proving to be inefficient to provide complete security to the retail premises.

With our over 3 decades of experience of working with top retail companies of the country we have designed a comprehensive 4-Tier Security cum Operational Efficiency Solution which helps retail companies in reducing their losses which occur due to lack of proper security and also helps in increasing the operational efficiency of the retail premises.

Tier 1

The first tier protects the parameter of the retail outlet. It consists of beam detectors which are placed along the boundary and raise an alarm if intruders try to jump inside the boundary of the retail outlet. Motion based light sensors are also placed along the retail outlet boundary which turns on the connected lights and scare intruders away if motion is detected within their range.

Tier 3

The third tier is an intelligent system which will guard the shutters, doors and windows, raise an alarm in case of intrusion and call concerned authorities and law enforcement agencies. The purpose of this system is to protect the retail store from burglary and intrusion. This is achieved by installing various intrusion sensors at all entry points of the premises. These devices are then linked up to the heart of the system- the Control Panel. The control panel monitors all shutters, doors, windows and other entry points through the connected devices.In the event of an unauthorized entry, the system is triggered and an alarm is immediately raised through powerful sounders. An inbuilt or attached speech dialer will call the concerned authorities, the police, the fire brigade and anyone else who should be notified, in case of an emergency and deliver an intrusion or fire message recorded in your very own voice! Text messages (SMS) can also be sent if using a GSM based speech dialer option. Control panel can also send the alert to the central command center where monitoring officers can handle the alert and take appropriate action. Fire alarm system is also installed to raise an alarm in case of fire.

Tier 2

The second tier consists of entrance control products such as boom barriers, turnstiles and metal detectors to curb the wrong entry into the retail outlet. CCTV cameras are also installed along the boundary, inside and outside area of the retail outlet building to monitor and record the activities within the outlet and surrounding areas.

Tier 4

The system can also be connected to our 24x7 Video & Alarm Monitoring Station (VAMS) where trained monitoring officers are present round the clock to keep an eye on your premises and valuable assets and assist in case of an emergency. In case of intrusion attempt or violation, an automatic alert is generated at the VAMS and our monitoring officers can see and talk to the intruder and deter the crime through live video feed from your premises and a 2 way audio communication system. Video images captured by CCTV cameras can be recorded, stored and played back at a later stage and can also be viewed remotely on your smart phone or computer from anywhere in the world through an internet connection. CCTV systems can also be smartly monitored by our Video & Alarm Monitoring Station.

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