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Alarm Monitoring Services: 4 reasons why businesses rely on it?

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, ensuring the safety and security of your business premises is paramount. To achieve this, businesses are turning towards the power of video and alarm monitoring services. Many large-scale businesses, prefer to have their in-house centralized setup for tracking and surveillance of business security operations, while other small and mid-size businesses prefer to outsource their security to professional video and intruder alarm monitoring companies. By incorporating advanced security monitoring technologies, businesses can stay one step ahead of potential threats and proactively protect their assets, employees, and customers.

In this blog post, we will explore how security alarm monitoring, when combined with video surveillance, offers a comprehensive and effective security solution for businesses of all sizes. From enhanced threat detection to swift response times, we will delve deep into the reasons why smart businesses are embracing video and alarm monitoring services.

1. Understanding alarm monitoring for business and its comprehensive scope

When it comes to safeguarding business, CCTV and alarm systems play a pivotal role. However, the full potential of such a system can be unleashed only when it is complemented by a professional video and alert monitoring service.

Alarm monitoring is a comprehensive security service that enables seamless integration of CCTV, intrusion alarm systems, fire alarm system, and video surveillance to a centralized station managed by a professional security monitoring company. When an organization chooses this service, the dedicated officers at the Central Monitoring Station (CMS) consistently monitors the business premises and promptly respond to alerts caused by intrusion, fire, panic, or medical emergencies..

When a safety device or sensor installed at the business premises detects an alert, an immediate notification is sent to the CMS, where the trained and vigilant officers study the alert received and monitor the live video and take appropriate action to ensure quick response to potential threats, whether it be contacting business owners and police, dispatching guards, or alerting emergency services.

Monitoring services provide round-the-clock surveillance and swift response, significantly reinforcing the effectiveness of your safety measures. There are different types of monitoring services such as:

Alarm MonitoringIt includes 24 X 7 alert based monitoring for intrusion, panic, fire, and medical emergencies.
Guard MonitoringIt involves the real-time tracking and supervision of on-site security personnel.
Hardware Health MonitoringIt includes monitoring of internet failure, hardware glitches, server errors, or faulty power supply etc.
Automation MonitoringHelps in optimizing your energy consumption and reducing the wastage of electricity.
Operational Efficiency MonitoringIt includes opening and closing time of the business premises, random checks on the conduct of the staff with the customers, keeping a track of the presence of admin staff, scheduled monitoring to verify the cleanliness and general activity of your business premise.

2. Proactive Threat Detection with Alarm and Video Surveillance

When video surveillance is integrated with monitoring services, businesses gain an extra layer of protection and intelligence, to proactively detect possible threats. It provides valuable visual context to alarm activations. When an alarm is triggered, the security alarm company can remotely access live camera feeds to assess the situation and validate the alarm.

Such validation reduces the chances of false alarms, detects suspicious behaviors, such as loitering, unauthorized access attempts, or unusual movements, and sends trigger alarms in real-time, alerting the control center to potential security threats. Apart from threats, there are many other benefits of choosing remote monitoring such as keeping a tab on other emergencies like fire, smoke, gas leaks, and medical or panic situations. By identifying threats early on, businesses can take immediate action to prevent security breaches, criminal activities, and other non-break-in emergencies.

3. Enhancing Security Operations

The combination of alarm monitoring and video surveillance offers smart businesses a range of features and capabilities that enhances overall operations.

Alarm Monitoring Services for Business

a.) Keeps your security devices in check:

Imagine a scenario where your security devices, designed to keep your business safe, end up being non-functional without your knowledge. It’s a worrisome situation, isn’t it? Internet failure, hardware glitches, server errors, or faulty power supply can all contribute to this unfortunate outcome. Subscribing to a hardware health monitoring service will eliminate any such uncertainty as it continuously assesses the status of the devices, ensuring they’re working at their peak efficiency.

b.) Guard Monitoring and Assistance:

Guard monitoring is a crucial service that involves the real-time tracking and supervision of on-site security personnel. With guard monitoring, businesses can ensure that their guards are actively performing their duties, adhering to protocols, and patrolling designated areas. And at times of emergency, they can quickly send an alert to the CMS team, who can further help them in assisting and sending help.

c.) Increases overall operational efficiency:

Apart from security-related services, scheduled monitoring can also include services like sending reports of opening and closing time of the business premises, random checks on staff conduct with the customers, keeping track of the presence of admin staff, verifying the cleanliness and general activity of business premises, and many others. When employees know that their activities are being monitored, they are bound to be careful in their conduct and more focused on the tasks at hand.

4. Optimization of resources and return on investment

Installing security devices and subscribing to alarm monitoring services may initially be viewed as a significant investment for businesses. However, when considering the potential losses from security breaches, theft, vandalism, or other non-break-in emergencies like a fire, the cost-effectiveness becomes evident.

By embracing these services, businesses can potentially save thousands or even millions of rupees by preventing or minimizing security incidents. The immediate response capabilities of trained professionals at the CMS ensure that threats are addressed promptly, reducing the likelihood of significant losses or damages. Moreover, the integration of video surveillance with security alarm monitoring can provide valuable evidence in case of incidents or legal disputes.

Additionally, remote access and management features of these services save businesses time and resources. Authorized personnel can monitor their premises from anywhere, eliminating the need for physical presence or manual checks. Apart from security alarm monitoring, additional services like guard monitoring, guard assistance, automation, and operational efficiency monitoring can also translate into improved productivity and cost savings in the long run.

Lastly, video and alert monitoring services offer scalability, allowing businesses to adapt their security needs as they grow. Whether it’s adding more cameras, expanding coverage, or integrating with other security systems, these services can evolve alongside the business, providing a long-term solution that ensures ongoing protection.


While an intrusion alarm system acts as a crucial first line of defense, the addition of monitoring services elevates its effectiveness to a new level. The constant surveillance, immediate response, and professional expertise provided by centralized stations can significantly enhance the security measures of a business, ensuring that potential threats are addressed promptly and effectively.

With 24/7 surveillance, remote access and management, and the ability to scale as needed, businesses can proactively protect their assets, employees, and customers. In an ever-changing business landscape, staying one step ahead with video and alarm monitoring services is no longer a luxury but a necessity for businesses aiming to safeguard their success.

We at Securico, know that it’s not practical to be physically present and keep a watch on your business 24/7, and that’s why, we bring you IoT-based smart security and monitoring solutions for corporates and offices. Our solution will increase security, reduce expenditure, and at the same time optimizes the operational efficiency of your business.

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FAQ’s about alarm monitoring for businesses:

1. Can I subscribe to alarm monitoring with an existing security system?

Yes, you can use your existing CCTV cameras and alarm systems. No extra hardware is required to be purchased for subscribing to the alarm monitoring service.

2. Which type of businesses can opt for alarm monitoring service?

Factories, retail outlets, warehouses, offices, commercial branches, or any other type of business establishment where CCTV cameras or alarm systems are already installed can opt for monitoring services to increase the security of their business premises.

3. How many cameras and alarm systems can I get monitored?

Securico’s iMONITOR India command center can handle thousands of cameras. All our packages include 1 user, 4 CCTV cameras and 1 alarm system, which can be flexibly upgraded at any time to increase the number of users, cameras and alarms to be monitored. Thus, making the service both modular as well as scalable

4. Will the Intrusion / Fire / CCTV monitoring only work with Securico products, or are other brands are also supported?

All Securico products and products from most major CCTV and alarm system brands are compatible with our command center.

5. What are the pre-requisites to subscribe for Intrusion/Fire/CCTV alarm monitoring?

Pre-requisites for Intrusion / Fire Alarm Monitoring:
1. An intrusion or fire alarm with inbuilt / attached GSM Dialer / IP Communicator (SIA based)
2. User / admin code to program the auto dialer.

Pre-requisites for CCTV Monitoring:
1. Existing CCTV surveillance system
2. Static IP
3. Port forwarding
4. Admin login credentials of the DVR/NVR.
5. Internet connectivity with reasonable bandwidth


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