iMONITOR India is the monitoring services division of Securico Electronics India Limited. 
iMONITOR India has a vast range of monitoring services delivering increased security & safety and operational efficiency to its customers across various verticals. iMONITOR India also results in large cost cutting in security and operations costs for its customers.
InstaProtect from iMONITOR India is a security & safety solution specially designed to increase your security & safety and save cost at the same time! It is also a very useful security and cost cutting tool during this challenging lockdown and COVID 19 period. InstaProtect empowers your guard to quickly call for backup, is an additional layer of security for your premises and reduces the risk of loss due to an intrusion or unfortunate fire incident using cutting edge technology.
It is a low cost, quick and easy to implement solution and uses a simple mobile app and the security hardware you already have installed! The entire configuration can be done remotely by our support experts without any physical visit.
iMONITOR India has tailored services for Retail Stores | Warehouses & Godowns | Industrial Units | BFSI Sector | Corporates | Residences | Schools & Educational Institutions | Healthcare Establishments | Hospitality Industry | Vehicles