Beam Detectors for Advanced Perimeter Protection!


DESCRIPTION: Photoelectric beam detectors are advanced security device used around the perimeter of your premises to secure it from any possible intrusion attempts. Beam detectors creates an invisible barrier around the premises by utilizing infrared beams to form an impenetrable shield.

When an object or a person interrupts the beam, these sensors detects the interruption and sends an immediate alert to an intrusion alarm control panel. The alarm control panel will activate an audio-visual alarm, and further notify the security personnel and owner about the security breach, thus, allowing you or your security personnel to respond swiftly and effectively.


  • The beam sensor comes with an IP65 rating that makes it waterproof, and dust-tight and ensures reliable performance in various weather conditions, making it an ideal solution for outdoor security applications.
  • Apart from being waterproof and dust-tight, these sensors are anti-frost and have a high surge resistive relay that protects them from lightning surges and maintains a stable operation.
  • These sensors can be mounted on walls, fences, poles, or any other suitable structure and installers can adjust the beam with its easy angle adjustment features.
  • With its automatic gain control feature, beam detectors monitor the changes in signal strength caused by environmental changes and adjust the sensitivity accordingly.

APPLICATIONS: Villas and Bungalows | Industries | Warehouses | Commercial Buildings

*Available Ranges:  20, 40 and 60m

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Beam Detector with dual beam, 20 meter detection range, High grade spherical lens, Automatic Gain Control, Adjustable beam interruption period, IP 65, Lightning protection, Easy angle alignment.


Detection Range : 20 Meter
Arrival Distance : 200 Meter
Technology : IR interruption detection time frame selectable 50msec/100msec/250msec/500msec
Operating Voltage : 11V DC to 28V DC
Rating Current : 38 mAmp
Alarm Contact : Normally Connected 28V DC , 0.2Amp
Beam Blocking Stability : 99%
Operating Temperature : 60 degrees Max.
Environmental Humidity : 95%
Alignment Angle : 90 degrees H , 5 degrees V