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Securing Zomato!

Securing Zomato


Having a control over these diverse business establishments by keeping a track of activities happening  on the sites and to ensuring that SOPs are being followed across all the locations was challenging for the food delivery giant. 

Also, ensuring safety and security of the staff and infrastructure from external threats and internal pilferages and resolution of internal disputes was a burgeoning task for the business and security heads at Zomato. 

Having a centralized set up for the tracking and surveillance of the business operations was missing. 


An state-of-the-art centralized CCTV surveillance setup set up for the tracking and surveillance of the business operations was designed by Securico’s expert technical and solution design team. Under this solution an advance central command centre was set up in the Guragon head office of the company and CCTV surveillance system was installed across all the locations. CCTV cameras installed at the sites were then connected to the central command center with the help of internet connection through static IP.

Solution was broadly divided into three parts:

Site End: A comprehensive CCTV surveillance system was designed and installed at all the sites. Different types of CCTV cameras were installed depending upon the budget, criticality and type of business establishment. For eg. Low range analog CCTV cameras with optimum hard disk storage were installed in the smaller premises like on-boarding centers and offices whereas high range IP cameras with high hard disk capacity was installed for the larger locations such as warehouses and head offices. CCTV camera locations were meticulously decided to ensure no blind spots and maximum coverage. Various internal settings such as FPS, bit rate, sub stream/main stream were also adjusted to ensure low bandwidth consumption while viewing these cameras from the central hub.

Central Monitoring Station: An esthetically designed central command center with cutting edge monitoring software was set up in the head office for the scheduled and alert based monitoring of the various business premises of the Zomato. It consisted of the following elements:

1. Design and Layout: Special attention was given to the architectural designing of the central command center to enable easy monitoring. Various components of the design such as size of the display screens, height of the screens from ground level, distance between the screens and monitoring seats, viewing angle of the screens etc were given complete attention to ensure efficient monitoring. Moreover, proper HVAC was also ensured to provide a comfortable environment to the monitoring staff.

2. IT backend: IT is the backbone of the central command center, a robust IT solution design is very essential to ensure high uptime of the center. A triple redundant IT setup including servers, switches, workstation PCs, professional displays, desktop PCs etc. was designed by our expert technical solutions team to ensure high speed, low latency and 24X7 smooth operations of the command center.

3. Connectivity: Monitoring of the CCTV cameras and other devises is not possible if the connectivity of the site to the command center is not proper. High speed internet leased line was deployed at the command center for the clear, lag-free and fast monitoring of the CCTV cameras installed at the site.

4. Process and Operations: Having robust and reliable processes is critical to ensure smooth operation of the command center. Securico’s shared its vast experience in operating command center with Zomato team and helped in setting up a proper monitoring operations and reporting setup with the help of several record keeping and reporting formats such as shift rosters, asset tracking report, outage report, pendency report, visitor reports, training reports etc. Securico’s field experts also imparted detailed training to the Zomato’s command center team.

5. Configurations and Settings: Securico VMS- a high end monitoring software was installed for quick, efficient and proper monitoring of the vast number of CCTV cameras installed at the various sites. Parameters like naming of the cameras & DVR/NVR, FPS(frame per second) & bit rate of the cameras, type of recording(continuous, motion based etc) and setting up of the cameras as per priority and criticality of the locations were set to ensure low bandwidth consumption and fast monitoring.

About Zomato

Zomato is one of the largest food delivery company of the country. It employs around 100000 employees to take care of its business operations. Zomato operates from two head offices one based in Gurgaon and other in Banglore. It has over 15 sales and operations offices across the country. In addition to this Zomato has a large force of delivery staff know as ‘ riders’ . These riders operate from their local city offices known as ‘on-boarding centres’ there are around 250 on-boarding centres present in different cities of the country. Zomato also supplies grocery items to the restaurants and has 2 warehouses by the name of  Hyperpure. 

Customer Benefits:

With the help of Securico’s CCTV surveillance and Monitoring setup Zomato was able to: 

Track the critical SOPs from a central location which helped in timely escalations and quick actions by the senior staff
Resolve staff disputes, fights and altercations quickly by taking help of the CCTV footage of the incidence
Increase the security and reduce

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