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Remote/ Multi-site Video Monitoring for Organizations!

Remote Multi-site Video Monitoring for Organizations!

Key Advantages of Electronic Audit over Manual Audits:

Electronic audits can be done daily and multiple times during a day
Because of higher frequency, electronic audits help in establishing better control over business operations
Electronic audits cannot be influenced by local staff
Such audits are more efficient and cost far less as compared to manual audits
Escalation is fast in case of non-compliance

As the owner/in charge of a business, which has multiple sites across different geographies, one has to ensure that all the KRAs, brand guidelines, SOPs are being followed at all the locations.

Keeping a close watch on the key parameters helps in establishing a control over the branches and results in higher revenue, customer retention and profitability. 

Such type of close monitoring was hitherto being done by random/mystery audits, such type of audits are done once in few months and have various issues like: many issues are left unreported, auditors can be wrongly influenced by the local staff to submit wrong reports, audit quality depends largely on the quality and commitment and business knowledge of the auditor, and above all manual audits are very expensive. 

With the help of CCTV surveillance systems and IoT based sensors, such audits can be performed electronically from a single location. In an electronic audit, auditors can keep an eye on all business outlets and monitoring of key business parameters can be done at randomly / fixed time intervals or on the basis of the alerts received from the IoT based sensors installed at remote locations.  


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