3.5” Colour Hands Free

Handsfree Colour VDP with 3.5" Colour TFT LCD screen and TV Out with Optional Wireless remote connectivity. Side thickness 29mm, Centre thickness 34mm. Inbuilt SMPS.




  • 3.5" Color TFT LCD display 
  • SLIMLINE Series - slim &  sleek design
  • Inbuilt security alarm
  • TV output to see parallel image on TV screen
  • Can attach optional RF receiver for remote operation (optional)
  • Monitor function
  • Lock Control
  • Normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) relay contacts for different types of locks
  • Lock can be connected to either indoor monitor or outdoor camera
  • Night Vision camera with Infrared LEDs
  • Illuminated Buttons
  • Easy installation and user friendly controls
  • Low Power consumption
  • Latest Technology
  • High Resolution
  • Wireless RF remote control for operation
  • Premium housing options - Silver Shine, Radiant Black, Matt Wood Teak