01 - Hawk Panel
01 - Wireless Keyfob
01 - Wireless Magnetic Contact
01 - Wireless PIR Motion Sensor




  •     Micro-controller based
  •     25 zones
  •     16 zones programmable as delay, immediate, panic, part and staff
  •     8 zones dedicated for wireless keyfobs & wireless panic switches
  •     1 dedicated tamper zone
  •     Secure code hopping technology
  •     Onboard 16 button keypad
  •     4 line back lit LCD display
  •     All sensors are configured through easy and secure learning process
  •     Wireless RF Key Fob with instant arm, delay arm, part arm, disarm and panic alarm buttons
  •     Supervised sensors with periodic health check with control panel
  •     Sensor low battery indication displayed on control panel
  •     Automatic arming and disarming at pre-programmed times
  •     Programmable weekly holiday for automatic disarming feature
  •     Two user codes - master and staff
  •     Part and Full arm modes for convenient daily use
  •     Automatic re-arming in case of alarm at which point open zones will be bypassed
  •     System goes into alarm state after three incorrect code attempts
  •     Previous arm status (armed or disarmed) is retained when panel is re-powered
  •     Inbuilt battery backup for internal clock
  •     Battery strength displayed on LCD screen with audio warning for low battery
  •     Power failure, blown fuse, low battery indication on LCD display
  •     Open zones are indicated on LCD display
  •     Independent entry and exit delay times programmable from 2 to 255 seconds
  •     Programmable sounder time from 2 to 20 minutes
  •     3 status LEDs — armed, power and error
  •     Inbuilt lithium battery pack
  •     Can omit one or more zones
  •     Night mode arming to convert delay zones into immediate zones
  •     Intrusion log with time and date
  •     Panic and Quick Arm keys
  •     Non-volatile memory restores multiple programmable settings in case of complete power reset
  •     24 hour active zones are bypassed if open after sounder automatically switches off
  •     In-built tamper switches
  •     Simple to install and program
  •     Eye catching slim sleek design
  •     Premium white ABS housing with aesthetic brushed stainless steel front panel







Technical Specification

Quiescent current : 60mA
Maximum current at internal sounder : 500mA
Maximum sounder HT1 current output : 1A
Sounder Saturation Voltage : <1V at 700mA

Mains supply Voltage : 220+10%-15% 50Hz
Total current Output: 1000mA at 220 V AC
Battery Voltage : 11.1 V DC
Battery type : Lithium ion Rechargeable
Battery Recharge Voltage: 12.4 V +/-0.2 V DC
Fuse : 1000mA 20mm and 1000mA for sounder and Auxiliary Supply

Operating Temperature: 0C to 45C
Storage Temperature: -20C to 60C
Maximum humidity: 95% non-condensing
Environment : residential / commercial / light Industrial

Dimensions : 230mm x 170mm x 50mm
Max Battery Dimensions : 150mm x 110mm x 64mm