8 zone control panel with On board key pad, Micro-controller based, Elegant white abs body, Two fully programmable codes (master and servant codes), 20000 code combinations, Can attach up to five additional key pads, One delay zone, five immediate zones, 24 hours panic, fire zone and Built in battery backup provision

SEC - 08



CONTROL PANEL                               
  • Micro-controller based
  • 8 zone control panel
  • On board key pad
  • Elegant white abs body
  • Two fully programmable codes (master and servant codes)
  • 20000 code combinations
  • On board key pad
  • Can attach up to five additional key pads
  • One delay zone, five immediate zones
  • 24 hours panic zone
  • 24 hours fire zone
  • Built in battery backup provision
  • Zone omitting facility
  • 13 LED display
  • 5 LED indicate operational status
  • 8 LED indicate individual zone status
  • Entry/ exit time 2 to 255 seconds
  • Sounder time 2 to 20 minutes
  • Silent arming
  • Night mode arming
  • Intrusion log
  • Dedicated panic and quick arm keys
  • Power failure indication
  • Blown fuse indication
  • Non-volatile memory
  • 16 key backlit keypad
  • Bell and strobe lig ht outputs
  • Open zone indication
  • Zone status led indicators
  • Automatic rearming after an intrusion
  • Only three incorrect attempts allowed to disarm the system after which the system goes into alarm state
  • Musical audio indication
  • Multiple sounder outputs
  • Micro-controller based
  • 2 messages
  • 15 telephone numbers for intrusion message
  • 15 telephone numbers for fire message
  • Separate intrusion message
  • Separate fire message
  • Silent Dialing
  • Can work on EPABX line
  • Individual intrusion & fire zones
  • 20 second recording time for each message
  • Operates with both tone & pulse
  • Message playback




Technical Specification

Quiescent current: 75ma typical
Current with dialing & message play: 160ma
Maximum sounder1 current output: 1A
Maximum Sounder2 current output: 1A
Sounder saturation Voltage: <1V at 1A
Remote keypads: Up to five
Non-volatile Memory: Programming and Log
Zone response time: <500mS
Zone Loop Resistance: <5kohm for NORMALLY CLOSED
Mains supply Voltage: 220+10% -15% 50Hz
Total current Output: 800MA at 220V AC (Fuse JA 20mm On Main Card)
Regulation: <9%
Ripple: <200mv RMS
Battery VOLTAGE: 12V DC
Battery type: SMF Rechargeable
Battery Recharge voltage: 13.8V +/-0.2V DC
Fuse: 250ma 20mm AC Mains on PS Card
Operating Temperature: 0C to 45C
Storage Temperature: -20C to 60C
Maximum humidity: 95% non-condensing
Environment: residential / commercial / light Industrial]
Dimensions: 236 mm x 226 mm x 80 mm
Max Battery Dimensions: 150 mm x 110 mm x 64 mm