12 Zone Control Panel with Onboard Key Pad, 10 programmable zones, can Connect Separate Remote Key Pads, Inbuilt Power Supply.

SEC - 12



  • Micro-Controller Based
  • 12 zone control panel
  • Two Individual User Codes – Master & Servant
  • Extremely User Friendly
  • On Board Key Pad
  • 18 Led Display
  • Over 2 Crores Code Combinations
  • 10 Independently Programmable Zones As Delay, Immediate Or Fire
  • 2 Permanent Zones (Panic & Tamper)
  • Built in battery backup provision
  • 24 Hour Panic Zone
  • 24 Hour Fire Zones (If Used)
  • 24 Hour Tamper Zone
  • Zone Omitting Facility
  • 6 LED's Indicate Operational Status
  • 12 LED's Indicate Individual Zone Status
  • Can Take Five Additional Remote Key Stations (Optional)
  • Entry / Exit Time 2 To 255 Seconds
  • Sounder Time 2 To 20 Minutes
  • Silent Arming
  • Night Mode Arming
  • Chime Facility
  • 12 Event Memory Log
  • Dedicated Fire, Panic And Quick Set Keys
  • Power Failure Indication
  • Unique Sound For Fire Alarm
  • Non-Volatile Memory
  • 16 Key Backlit Keypad
  • Bell And Strobe Light Outputs
  • Open Zone Indication
  • Zone Status LED Indicators
  • Self Test On Reset
  • Walk Test Facility
  • Automatic Rearming After An Intrusion
  • Facility To Attach Speech Dialer
  • Only Three Incorrect Attempts Allowed To Disarm The System After Which The System Goes In To Alarm State
  • Multiple Sounder Outputs
  • Inbuilt Tamper Switch
  • Facility To Attach Digital Communicator For CMS
  • Elegant White ABS Housing




Technical Specification

Quiescent current: 75ma typical with all LED's and internal buzzer on
Maximum sounder current output: 1A
Maximum Strobe light current output: 1A
Sounder and strobe saturation Voltage: <1V at 1A
Remote keypads: five (max)
Non volatile Memory: Programming and Log
Zone response time: <500mS
Zone Loop Resistance: <5kohm for Normally Closed
Mains supply Voltage: 220+10% -15% 50Hz
Total current Output: 800MA at 220V AC (Fuse JA 20mm On Main Card)
Regulation: <9%
Ripple: <200mv RMS
Battery VOLTAGE: 12V DC
Battery type: SMF Rechargeable
Battery Recharge voltage: 13.8V +/-0.2V DC
Fuse: 250ma 20mm AC Mains on Power Supply Card
Operating Temperature: 0C to 45C
Storage Temperature: -20C to 60C
Maximum humidity: 95% non -condensing
Environment: residential / commercial / light industrial
Dimensions: 236 mm x 226mm x 80mm
Max Battery Dimensions: 150mm x 110mm x 64 mm