Digital Multi Function Detector for ATMs

Microcontroller based digital MFD specially designed for ATM application. Detects intrusion attempts on an ATM based on 3 logics, advanced sensing algorithms. Sleek ABS housing with 3 LED indicators. *NEW sleeker design with advanced digital technology*




  • Digital Multi Function Detector designed for ATM application.  
  • Micro controller based.
  • Detects intrusion attempts on ATM by vibration, cutting  and drlliing. 
  • Operates on multiple advanced detection logics for added security.
  • Sensor is triggered if 3 knocks are detected within 30 seconds (subject to knocks being equal to or higher than set sensitivity level).
  • Sensor is triggered if a big knock (2X or higher than set sensitivity level) is detected 
  • Sensor is triggered if continuous vibration is detected for 5 seconds.
  • Any one detection logic required to trigger the sensor. 
  • High-Low sensitivity adjustment jumper
  • Further sensitivity adjustment preset
  •   Aesthetic compact design for variable installation
  • No moving parts


Technical Specification

Operating Voltage : 12V DC
Supply Current Standby :    20ma
Supply Current Triggered :   10ma
Output : Normally closed potential free contact
Sensor : Piezo Electric
Operating Temperature: 0C to 45C
Storage Temperature: -20C to 60C
Maximum humidity: 95% non-condensing
Environment: Residential / Commercial / Light Industrial
Dimensions:  82 mm x 32mm x 19mm