GSM based Voice and SMS dialer with Android app to operate and perform dialing, Micro-controller based, 2 Voice Messages, Separate Intrusion & Fire Message, 10 Telephone Numbers for Each Message, 20 Second Recording Time for Each Message, Alarm SMS with Alarm Type, Time and Date Information, System Status SMS for Arm & Disarm, Separate SMS for Tamper & Wrong code, Non-volatile Memory, GSM Signal Strength LED display. Can be integrated with Intruder Alarm Panels, Fire Alarm Panels, DVR's, Video Door Phones, Access Control Systems and more. Sleek sheet metal housing.


  • Microcontroller based
  • GSM based speech and SMS dialer
  • 2 speech / voice messages
  • Separate intrusion message
  • Separate fire message
  • 10 telephone numbers for intrusion message
  • 10 telephone numbers for fire message
  • 20 second recording time for each message
  • 3 alarm inputs – intrusion, fire and tamper 
  • Alarm SMS - intrusion, fire and tamper 
  • Status SMS - armed, disarmed, code changed, telephone number added, telephone number deleted.
  • Status SMS sent to main user on first intrusion number
  • 4 digit user code 
  • 7 status LEDs - armed, power, dialing, error and low, medium, high GSM signal strengths.
  • User editable name and address for alarm SMS
  • Android app to operate and program dialer
  • Android App is SMS based, no internet required for daily use
  • All dialer functions programmable from app
  • All alarm alerts and status events received, displayed and logged in the app
  • Dialer can also be operated and programmed using simple SMS commands
  • Can be armed and disarmed through android app or SMS 
  • Code can be changed through android app or SMS app
  • Dialing and alarm SMS can be stopped through android app or SMS
  • Telephone numbers can be edited through android app or SMS
  • Recording of voice messages can be started through android app or SMS 
  • Voice message playback
  • Voice messages play back can be initiated through android app or SMS
  • Name and address can be programmed through android app or SMS
  • Can be connected to various intrusion alarm panels, fire alarm panels, DVRs, NVRs, access control systems and third party devices
  • Positive and negative alarm triggering 
  • Can be operated with 12V or 24C DC power supply
  • Sturdy sheet metal housing




Technical Specification

Quiescent current : 100 mA
Current with dialing : 200 mA Max 
Spike current : 2.5 A
Zone response time : <500ms
Zone Loop Resistance : <5k ohm for NORMALLY CLOSED
Battery Voltage : 12V to 24DC
Operating Temperature : 0C to 45C
Storage Temperature    : -20C to 60C
Dimensions : 170mm x 170mm x 35mm
GSM Frequency : Dual Band 900MHz / 1800 MHZ