7” Colour Hands Free

Handsfree colour VDP with 7" Colour TFT LCD screen, TV output, 1/3" 3.6mm camera, AC model with inbuilt SMPS.




  • 7” TFT widescreen LCD display 
  • SLIMLINE Series - Ultra slim body.
  • Micro-controller based monitors and cameras with digital circuit
  • Hands free operation
  • Single camera and monitor connectivity
  • 1/3" colour CCD camera for a crystal clear view
  • Inbuilt security alarm to warn intruder away and call for help
  • TV output to see parallel image on TV screen
  • Inbuilt SMPS 
  • 2 seconds and 15 seconds lock open times
  • Normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) relay contacts for different types of locks
  • Alarm Out to connect external sounder or GSM or landline based auto dialer for automatic dialing in case of panic alarm
  • White LEDs for colour image even in the dark
  • Inbuilt tamper switch with tamper alarm
  • Low power consumption
  • Sturdy stainless steel housings for cameras
  • Lock connectivity from camera


Technical Specification

Indoor Monitor
  • Model SEC - SLDP 07C 
  • Display 7" Colour TFT LCD 
  • Power Supply Internal, SMPS +15V (0.8A), 5V (0.18A)
  • Power Consumption 4.73W Max
  • AC Input 220V/50Hz,
  • Input Range 140 - 260V AC
  • Communication Hands Free Half Duplex
  • Button Functions Monitor Talk, Lock, Alarm, Display Settings and Volume 
  • Mount type Surface Mount
  • Mounting Bracket Included
  • Maximum wire length from camera to last monitor 100m
  • TFT Resolution 1440 (H) x 234 (V) DOT
  • Wiring to Camera 1 Coaxial + 2 
  • Connectors Terminal Block
  • Lock Connection Source Connection from Outdoor Camera
  • Bell Sound Ding Dong, Ding Ding
  • Security Alarm Sound Continuous Ding Dong, Ding Ding in Monitor & Police Siren in Camera
  • Operating Temperature 5°C to 60°C
  • Dimensions (max.) 227mm (H) X  178mm (W) X 26mm (D)
  • Net Weight 705 gm
Outdoor Surface Mount Armour Camera
  • Power Supply From Indoor Monitor
  • Power Consumption 5.75 W max
  • Camera CCD 1/4", 420TVL 
  • Minimum Illumination 0.1 Lux - F2.0
  • Lens 3.6mm F2.0
  • Night Vision White LED's
  • Tamper Switch Internal
  • Connectors Terminal Block 
  • Mount Type Surface
  • Mounting Frame Included
  • Operating Temperature 5°C to 60°C  
  • Lock Type NO & NC - Type Electronic, Strike, Release, Electromagnetic & others
  • Lock Power Supply External, not included
  • Bell Sound Ding Dong
  • Security Alarm Sound Police Siren 
  • Connecting Wire 1 Coaxial + 2
  • Dimensions (max.) 127mm (H) X  96mm (W) X 36mm (D)
  • Net Weight 296 gm