What is Securico Certified Priority Partner Program?


The Securico Certified Priority Partner Program is an exclusive program designed for a unique group of elite security professionals that Securico will partner with to build the electronic security systems market in their city. Securico Certified Priority Partners will enjoy exclusive rights, a special product range and priority services to set them a class apart from other system integrators. We have designed an extensive business plan and devised a unique 360-degree business support structure that will ensure success for each Securico Certified Priority Partner (SCPP). Securico Certified Priority Partners will be trained to take their business to a level where they can earn as much as rupees seventy five lacs per year starting from rupees twenty four lacs from the second year and growing year on year.


The SCPP program has been divided in to five business verticals – All Rounder, Banking, Infra, Retail and Automation. Each vertical will have different Securico Certified Priority Partners and a unique business model built around the needs of theeach vertical. The business plan will focus on how best to cater to the current market demand and achieve maximum growth in the next five years.


How will Securico support its Certified Priority Partners?


Our one of a kind 360-degree business support structure will include exhaustive training programs, continuous sales, marketing and business development support both in your city and at a national level and an unmatched level of technical and servicing support. We will also cover various other aspects of business management and provide valuable guidance on how to achieve growth in your business. Whereas part of the support structure is pre-defined, we will be working closely with each of our partners and part of the business support will be customized as per the needs of the partner and the market in which they operate. More detailed information on what all we will do and how we will do this will be shared with qualified prospects. In brief, we are committed to make your business a success.


Are you a SCPP prospect?


The Securico Certified Priority Partner program is no ordinary program and we are looking for no ordinary partners.We are looking for partners who are passionate about their business and can show us they are committed to make it a roaring success.We are looking for entrepreneurs and businesses with a clear, long-term vision of becoming the leading security solution provider in their city not only in size and sales but also by virtue of their services and their expertise in addressing client needs with a thoroughly professional approach.We are looking for a few select partners across the nation who have the intention to earn an additional rupees twenty four lacs of profits every year starting from the second year onwards with the vision and desire to earn up to rupees seventy five lacs a year from this business partnership.


A Securico Certified Priority Partner must also be committed to Securico,be in sync with organizational objectives and should be willing to dedicate time and resources to establish the products and the brand in their city along with Securico. Those who have a proven track record in sales and customer service in their existing line of business or career will be at an advantage.


How to become a Securico Certified Priority Partner?


Admission to the Securico Certified Priority Partner Program is exclusively by invitation only and is limited to a small number of select partners per city.Those who share our vision and can prove to us that they are the right prospect to become a Securico Certified Priority Partner will be invited to the program. There are certain pre-qualification criteria, which must be met by applicants before their application can be finalized, details of which can be shared upon request.



SCPP support structure 

How Will We Support You



Marketing Support

  • Personalised Banners and Boards
  • Just Dial or Sulekha Leads (if needed)
  • Support in Lead Generation Activities.
  • Design support in creation of ads / pamphlets / banners for local use
  • Support in organizing Localised/Regional Marketing Activities.
  • Securico Certified Priority Partner Certificate.
  • Business email IDs on company Domain.
  • Program letter heads and other stationary.
  • ID card for Exclusive Program Membership.
  • Exclusive Visiting Cards.
  • Company T Shirts
  • Company bags for staff
  • Mention as Authorised dealers in local Ads. (if applicable)
  • Personalised Marketing Collaterals like Brochures, Fliers etc.



Sales Support

  • Access to Residential Comprehensive Sales Training
  • Reference Cards with Company Sponsored Gifts.
  • Calling on Reference Cards.
  • Exclusive Products reserved for limited time period.
  • Special Pricing Slabs and Schemes.
  • Coordination Support in banking projects.
  • Special Discounts on demo kits.
  • International Company Trips and Dealer Meets from 2nd year.
  • Joint Visits to the End Users.
  • Support in System Designing and BOQ Building.
  • Priority Shipment and Tracking Support.


Technical Support

  • 24X7 Technical Support.
  • Video Technical Training.
  • Online Video Technical Support through Skype.
  • Technical Support Executives in all active states.
  • Extended Warranties.
  • Spare PCBs at Subsidised Costs.
  • Service Centre in Tier-1/Metro Cities for collection and modular repairs
  • Door to Door Service for Repairs (On Target Achievements)
  • Regular Technical Training
  • Quarterly Visits from Company's Technical Team.
  • Priority Shipment and Traking Support.
  • Advance Replacement of the Faulty Products