For the last three decades, Securico has always believed in the best from superior component quality, state of the art technology, modern automated production lines to rigorous quality control of each and every unit manufactured at our multi-level, fully equipped manufacturing plants. Our qualified and trained workforce follows high-tech and professional processes to produce products of supreme quality.

We apply automation at the core of our production to manufacture quality products by using various automated machinery and processes including SMT component pick and place machines, wave soldering machines, reflow ovens, PCB stencil printers, calibration meters, video signal testers, frequency calibrators, software testers, automatic assembly tools and multiple fully automatic injection moulding machines.

We have an extensive quality control policy with multiple quality checks at various stages of production starting at inward goods inspection, then component assembly stage, followed by inline product assembly quality control, functionality testing and finishing at final quality approval of all finished products. Our sincere dedication to quality is further reinforced by the ISO 9001:2008 standards maintained by us which are integral to every aspect of our prod.