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Companies started to spend a lot of money to provide security measures. There would be no organization without security guards. The trend shows that even the wealthy people also have taken a lot of security measures for their house. Before years, the houses were protected by dogs. Now people feel more unsafe in the world, for the reason they employed security staffs and other electronic security measures. The need for security measures are increasing day by day, simultaneously the development and research in the field is also improving. Now many organizations are switching from security guards to electronic safety measures. One of the main reasons is the cost of maintaining security personnel. Companies spend a lot of money in maintaining the security measures, but now they started to think that if the same amount is invested in implanting electronic devices, the cost can be reduced, even if the initial cost is high.Another reason is the physical limitations of manned security guards.

The electronic security systems have a lot of advantages than the manned security systems, but that doesn’t mean that those systems are the perfect one read more here

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