Integrated Fire and Intrusion Alarm Systems Help Save Lives and Assets

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Did you know that a fire is responded to every 19 seconds? And that it’s one of the most common and most destructive emergencies affecting safety? Moreover, a wildfire or structure fire can ignite with something as small as a lit cigarette butt or electrical spark. 

Fires of all types, whether accidental or intentional, can impact personal safety, cause devastating losses to physical and intellectual property, and halt business continuity.

It is important to know how to avoid risk from fire and how to respond to protect lives and property.

Homeowners Associations and facility managers should have mechanisms in place to identify and alert fire conditions quickly and effectively to contain the hazard before it becomes a disaster. Proactively by enforcing restrictions in fire ban areas, installing fire safety systems, implementing smart environmental designs, and conducting fire/life safety training helps minimize loss. Many options exist to improve risk reduction with preventive fire and intrusion alarm systems that integrate with enterprise security operations centers (SOC), or third-party monitoring companies as a managed service. read more…

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